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LHS: Penentration Insertation by Ryuyujin LHS: Penentration Insertation by Ryuyujin
Series: Leather, Hide, & Skin
Peice Title: Penentration Insertation

One of a series of four images done for my final for Experimental Drawing 2004.

The series is a Political statment as well as an experiment with textures and materials.

I would greatly like to hear what you the viewers think the statment was. The only hint I'll give is each of the four peices deals with a different issue and all four together deal with a broader issue that incompases them.

Materials: Charcoal, White Chalk, Indian Ink, specialy treated Brown Packaging Paper, Photo copies, specialy treated Traceing Paper, Old Earings, Sewen (mangled spelling) Thread

The other three images from this series are here: [link] [link] [link]

The two test images for this series are here [link] [link]
AngelsTale May 30, 2004   Digital Artist
still creative :nod: :clap:
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